Ask Away Friday

Ask Away Friday

Ask Away Friday is a blog link up where another blogger asks you 10 questions and you have to answer them for the world to see. In exchange, you get to force them to spill their own guts on their … read more


Saving Money at Target - tips for saving money at Target

Saving Money at Target

If going to the bathroom without kids is like a mom-vacation, then going to Target without kids is like a trip to Disneyland. Having a husband who likes to go to Target with you is like finding out you’re married … read more



How you’re sabotaging your weight loss

I wake up early in the morning and do a short exercise routine (We’re using the term “exercise” here lightly, by the way). I eat (read: choke down) some plain oatmeal and then head to work. For the rest of … read more

Home & Garden


Organizing the Dressers – Totally Nailed it!

Pinterest is the greatest thing on the planet for a pregnant lady! I was not a fan of pinterest before I got pregnant, but it is easily my favorite thing on Earth, besides my family, medium rare steak, ice cream, … read more



How I Survived After Moving Out

It’s Video Wednesday… on a Saturday! Please enjoy this late, but honest video. Like what you just saw? Like me? Prove it! Click the picture below once a day to vote for my blog on Top Mommy Blogs. read more

Book Reviews


Quality Personalized Book

It’s no secret that Personalized Children’s books are one of my favorite things. I get them for my kids on just about any gift-giving holiday, so surprise I got one for Babypotamus’s first birthday. I didn’t think I could be … read more